How I make my milk kefir

Milk kefir (pronounced KUH-FEAR) has been around for ages and they have been rather popular with pet (especially dog) owners for quite a while. It has a ton of health benefits such as:

  • source of nutrients (protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12 & B2, magnesium, and vitamin D etc)
  • a powerful source of probiotics (about 30 strains, including Lactobacillus keferi which is unique to kefir)
  • anti-bacterial properties (can inhibit the growth of various harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli)
  • improve bone health and reduce risk of Osteoporosis
  • may be protective against Cancer
  • may improve symptoms of allergy and asthma

Pretty sure it works for animals too. 😀

I’ve always been hesitant to try making milk kefir as to me, homemade = troublesome. Finally I took the plunge and realized how easy (and fun) it was! So for beginners who think milk kefir is difficult to make at home, here is a simple guide of how I make my milk kefir. Do note that I have been only making it for 2 weeks so if you spot anything wrong, please correct me!

I’ll start with this bottle. It contains kefir grains with full cream milk, and has been fermenting on my counter for 24 hours. Use only a kitchen paper towel to cover it as it needs to breathe. Some say you also need to wrap up the bottle as they like dark and warm conditions. Mine do just fine like this. Guess my kitchen is normally dark and warm lol.

Oops sorry, didn’t realize photo was blur! T_T

Here are some of the glass bottles I use. I prefer the 450ml one as it’s just the right size. The 900ml one is troublesome to wash but I noticed the grains really loved it; they grew more. Whereas the 200ml one was a little too small for the amount of grains I had, although I sometimes still use it over the 900ml. You can get all these from Daiso. 🙂


I got this cute little blue plastic strainer from Lazada. Less than $3.50! Daiso supposedly has some but I couldn’t find any. In fact I couldn’t find any at NTUC or those kitchen stores either. The metal ones are really common though, but apparently you can’t use metal as it reacts with the kefir grains.


Strain the kefir. It takes quite a while as the strainer is really small lol. Use the spoon to gently stir the grains around so as to speed up the process.


This is what you’ll end up with – kefir grains.


After straining everything, put the kefir grains into another clean bottle. You can see I only make about 200ml each time. I do know that I need to use more milk but it’s because I have a tiny dog who only eats 1 teaspoon a day. Side note: I collected my grains on 29 May. It has been about 2 weeks and the grains have tripled omg. Use Meiji brand milk. They ❤ it!


Anyway, fill up the grains with full cream milk and label the other. The grains go back onto the counter while the other goes into the fridge for another 24 hours of fermentation. It’ll be ready to eat after that.


And that’s all! Pretty easy no? Eating it up is wayy harder than making it I think. I’m not a fan of healthy food like this and because you have to change the milk every day, you have to eat kefir every single day too! I have tried cereal, chia seeds and fruit. And nope, don’t like it. The hub doesn’t like it either. 😦 Things I do for the dog. *sigh*

Arteastiq @ Plaza Singapura

Blogging this because I doubt I’ll ever visit again. :/ So the hub redeemed his $100 credit for a brunch session at Arteastiq. Chose the PS outlet since it was more convenient. Pretty troublesome to use it since they don’t accept brunch reservations on weekends. We had to wait till the hub was on leave.

Did some research beforehand and they had good reviews. Quite excited! 😀

We could choose a tea each so I got the cold lychee ($11) and the hub got honey lavender ($11). Both came with some biscotti. The hub’s was apparently a blend of lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, mint, lemongrass etc, but the smell of lavender was stronger. I’m not really a fan of lavender tea though. Refill available!


Mine had good reviews so I was a little disappointed that it tasted quite normal. Like cold green tea + lychee. But it was cold, so…quite refreshing. 😛


We could only choose from 2 mains so we got one each. This is the Viva Duck ($17). I could smell it even before it was served. The smoked duck smelled so so good! The meat filling was quite generous too. The arugula looked a bit withered though, so we skipped those lol.

Sliced Smoked Duck Breast with Arugula Salad, Horseradish Mayo in baked tortilla wrap.

This is the other main – La Quesadilla ($17). With withered arugula again tsk. I didn’t quite like this because of the basil leaves. But the second slice I took didn’t have the leaves so it was quite yummy LOL. There’s only a slice of ham inside but I like the melted cheese. Not as heavy as the duck so I’m not sure if it would be enough as a main.

Basil Leaves with Salsa, Turkey Ham and melted Cheddar Cheese in baked tortilla wrap

Sweet potato fries ($12)! With withered arugula AGAIN. -_- But the fries were really yummy! Please order this if you go. Though I felt it was a little expensive… 😐

With horseradish aioli

For dessert we had the New York Connection – French Toast ($13). The bread was soft and a little crispy at the edges – I like! And anything cheese, I also like! 😀 The jam thingy was sour though. Gelato was yummy too!

Brioche Bread filled with Brie Cheese, served with Vanilla Gelato

Overall it was quite an enjoyable brunch. Food was good, although service was a little slow. However, I probably wouldn’t visit again. Maybe it’s just me but I felt it was too expensive. This meal would have cost us at least $81. Who on earth spends $81 for a meal of tea, tortillas and bread!? And you can see the servings aren’t exactly a lot. I guess it’s more of fine dining…

Anyway, I guess it would be great for a special occasion. Especially if you manage to get the window seats with comfy sofas. Great chatting session it would be. 🙂

smallbatch turkey sliders

Looking so pretty here ❤

Thanks to Ah Beng Pet Store, we had the chance to try out the latest freeze dried raw food in town – smallbatch! Chose turkey since I don’t feed this protein raw. 🙂



You can see from the list that there aren’t any weird weird chemical names. They have a fairly wide variety of turkey parts but unfortunately, they are also missing the “other” organ part (such as kidney, spleen etc). Hearts and gizzards are not fed as organ. If feeding this long-term I would probably have to include kidney in treats. Sorry I’m a very picky raw-feeder.

The other veggies and herbs are listed as organic. *thumbs up* I also like that they included salmon oil, ACV , kelp and garlic. These are supplements that I normally feed and having it included makes my work easier. The other veggies can give an extra boost in nutrients since I normally feed Prey Model Raw (no fruits and veggies). Do note that dogs cannot absorb much nutrients from whole fruits and veggies as they cannot break down the cellulose walls of plant cells. It has to be crushed and pulverized.


20170426_185a821 copy.jpg

Feeding is pretty straightforward – crush, hydrate, and feed. I have used bone broth, herbal teas, and even goats’ milk. Instructions are 1/2 cup of water for every 4 sliders. However it seems a bit little so I believe it’s okay to go beyond that. Better more than less lol. I also notice that the quantity reduces drastically after re-hydrating. It seems really little so I add treats for supper.



Look how full it is! Each pack supposedly contains 48 sliders (sorry I passed the remaining to a friend for her dog to try so I can’t verify). Being approximately 5lbs (2.3kg), the silly girl eats 2 sliders a day. Therefore a pack will last her 24 days. If each pack is $46 (offer price), it will cost around $58 per month. That’s pretty affordable considering I spend $60-$70 currently on her raw meat. However I’m not sure when the offer ends so hurry up get yours now: Ah Beng Pet Store! 😀


Poops are nice and firm. And little. ‘Nuff said. 😛


While DIY raw will still remain as her main food, I have become more open to adding freeze dried raw as toppers. I am rather pleased with the quality of this product, and I hope smallbatch introduces more proteins which I don’t feed raw. Rabbit would be nice. 😉