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Taipei Day 4 – Shifen, Jiufen, Miaokou Night Market & Ningxia Night Market

We booked a day tour from Klook this trip cos I didn’t want to take public transport up Jiufen. And thankfully we didn’t! Klook is so convenient! Pickup was at Ximen Station (where our hotel is), and the tour covers Shifen waterfall, Shifen, Jiufen, and Keelung Miaokou Night Market, then back to Ximen Station. All in a comfy mini bus. 😀

Shifen Waterfall

Wanted to come here the previous time but it was raining. Heng it wasn’t this time.

The waterfall! You actually have to walk further down to get to the observation deck opposite. Lesser ahtiongs people and you get the full view!


Shifen Old Street

Shifen is where people release sky lanterns. It’s just some shops lining the train tracks. We had A LOT of time to spare here since we didn’t release any lantern. It’s actually really bad for the environment you know. On our way there we saw many many lanterns among the trees in the mountains. I feel very guilty actually for releasing one previously. So please people, don’t release sky lanterns anymore lah. Save the planet. And your money.

Also tried the supposedly famous 米粉湯. So-so only leh.

Jiufen Old Street

I think this will be my last time to Jiufen. For peeps who have already been to Jiufen but still want to go for the sake of going, I would advise you to think twice. Had such a horrible experience I actually cursed out loud!

So apparently, nowadays tour buses are not allowed to go all the way up to the entrance of the old street. All tourists (because I doubt locals go there) have to alight at a parking lot and climb up a fleet of steps to reach the old street. The fleet of 300 steps is narrow and steep and caters to people going up AND down. Imagine the mess. And danger. While making our way down, there was some kind of holdup and we were all stuck there. People started pushing forwards and some u-turned and parents were shouting about some kids being pushed (like for gods’ sake carry the freaking thing lah). In the end we also u-turned but other parts of the street were also packed full. Honestly I was so mad I was seriously contemplating to just force my way through.

It’s really stupid, really. One day someone’s gonna die on those steps. So yeah, don’t bother going. There’s nothing really interesting up there anyway.

There was a massive jam coming down too and we were delayed for about an hour or so. Seriously, Jiufen was such a waste of my time. Sheesh.

Keelung Miaokou Night Market

We came here the previous trip but didn’t enjoy it much as it was raining. I think this might be my favorite night market! ❤

Ningxia Night Market

Even though our day tour with Klook was delayed due to the jam at Jiufen, we still had some time so we headed for the nearby Ningxia Night Market. It’s only 2 stops away at Zhongshan Station. 🙂

I think we ate the most street food this day lol.

Taipei Day 3 – Hangzhou XLB, Wufenpu & Raohe Night Market

Hangzhou Xiao Long Bao

Wanted to have XLB this trip but didn’t want to queue for Din Tai Fung. Found out about Hangzhou XLB! It’s located near Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, about 10-15 minutes away from Chiang Kai-Shek Station. I was abit worried when we saw the queue, but thankfully we barely waited 10 minutes for a table.

And totally over-ordered again! 😀

Not sure if it’s better than DTF, but the XLBs were pretty yummy! Though it would be better if they could come in smaller quantities. :/ Apart from the crab dumplings, I thought the prices were pretty reasonable. Got a feeling they’re cheaper than DTF too.


Took the green line directly to Songshan Station. It opened in 2014 I think, and makes going to Wufenpu easier. A small shopping centre is connected, but it’s mainly food there.

I never really liked shopping here cos the clothes are usually for autumn/winter and super small sized. Thankfully I managed to get 2 bottoms this time! 😀

Spotted 胡须张卤肉饭 that the hub wanted to try. Luckily we didn’t go out of the way to find this. Nothing special IMO. *shrugs*

Raohe Night Market

Wufenpu and Raohe always goes hand in hand cos they’re so near lol. The new Songshan Station is just at its doorstep! So convenient now.

It started drizzling on and off so we only managed to eat a couple of street food. The oysters are pretty cheap!

Think we dabao-ed food from 7-11 for dinner/supper lol.