6 skin problems, 1 solution. Results in 7 days!

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My wedding dinner is coming up in 22 days and having decided to forgo facial sessions this time, I’m grateful to be able to try out this beauty drink by Avalon™.

Product benefits:

  • Rejuvenates damaged skin cells
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Restore skin firmness and elasticity
  • Brightens skin
  • Tighten pores
  • Locks in moisture

And the magic behind Avalon™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink? Young Orchid Stem Cells.

Orchid Stem Cell is a powerful antioxidant and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties, particularly young orchid stem cells. They protect the skin from environmental damages while hydrating and renewing our skin cells, making it an excellent youth revitalizer which works on almost all skin types.

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Avalon™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the first beauty drink in Singapore that contains Young Orchid Stem Cells. It is further enhanced with other goodies like Litchi Seed extract, Premium French Marine Collagen, and other fruit extracts. When taken together, this beauty drinks helps to resolve 6 major skin problems (above)!

If you’re worried that it may have a thick texture and strong flavor, fear not! Avalon™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is made with sparkling water, which actually helps to boost nutrient absorption and promote skin metabolism! See the bubbles!

In just 7 days, you can feel your skin being more supple and hydrated, and in 28 days (our skin renews itself every 28 days), you can see your skin tone brighten up, and pores, wrinkles and fine lines appear to be tighter too!

My review: It tastes super duper yummilicious! The lychee taste is pretty strong but I love the taste of lychee so it’s okay. The sparkling water makes it better. Why so small bottle?! Lol. I place the whole box in the fridge and take 1 every night before bedtime. So convenient!

Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink comes in a box of 10 and retails for $69.90. You can get it easily at Watsons, Unity, ALT, OG, Robinsons, Yue Hwa, or www.hibeau.com. If you purchase online from Hibeau, use the code TSS-20OFF for a 20% discount!

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Laurier Ultra Gentle: Ultimate Comfort for the Delicate Skin

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I don’t think I have any male readers but if I do, you might wanna skip this post lol. OR, if you aren’t pantang, share this bit of info with your female friends and family! 😀

Napkin Dermatitis

The number of skin layer varies across different parts of our body. Our eyelid and cheek averages at 8 and 10 layers, but that’s not the thinnest! The intimate area averages at only 6 layers! Therefore extra care needs to be taken to protect against inflammation.

Napkin Dermatitis (inflammation of skin with symptoms like itchiness, soreness and rashes) is usually associated with wearing sanitary napkins during periods. 7* out of 10 women have experienced such discomforts during period days. 2 major factors that trigger napkin dermatitis:

  • High humidity environment
  • Physical stimulation due to contact of napkin surface with the skin

While it is important to change napkins frequently, it is also important to choose a high quality napkin.

Laurier Ultra Gentle

Laurier Ultra Gentle sanitary napkins are the first sanitary napkins in Singapore that are dermatologically tested. It is specially designed to reduce the common causes behind skin irritation.

  1. Superior Absorbency – The Quick Lock System’s suction-like power absorbs and locks in fluid quickly, reducing wetness on the napkin surface.
  2. Ultimate Comfort – The unique airy soft wavy top sheet reduces skin contact, hence minimizing skin irritations and discomfort caused by friction.
  3. Extra Breathable – Airflow is channeled and promoted by the wavy surface. It relieves stuffiness, moisture and itchiness.
  4. Advanced Technology – It’s developed with Japan Advanced Skin Science Technology and Made In Japan. Psst, premium quality. 😛

Personal Experience

I was given the below 2 types, which I…utilized well. 😉

True enough, they felt softer, and most importantly, drier. The absorbency was quite impressive. I also felt that they were less prone to leakage. It’s okay now that I’m at home all the time, but when I was still working, I was always worrying about leakages, especially if I couldn’t visit the bathroom often. And as a side bonus, the wrapper they came in were also softer and…ahem, quieter. No need to announce to the whole world you’re changing your napkins LOL. 😛

They come in different lengths to suit different needs, and are available at leading supermarkets and personal care stores.

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