Primal Pet Foods – Turkey & Sardine Formula

Some time ago we were lucky enough to win a small pack of Primal from B2k‘s V-Day contest. I was very excited because Primal is apparently a very popular raw alternative. We’ve never tried it (as far as I remember) because I always gave away the samples we got to my ex-colleague to try and convert him. As rich as he was, he was feeding kibbles and table scraps. Sheesh.

Anyway, with my odd sleeping/waking hours nowadays, it was hard to feed her breakfast. So I decided to switch her dinner over completely.

Turkey & Sardine – proteins I don’t usually feed. Yay!

I’m not sure if it’s okay so switch here switch there like this but thankfully we got through it with no loose poops! Phew!  😀

Anyway, Primal’s calculator says to feed her 2.9 nuggets a day. So on Day 1 I gave her 3 nuggets. She got a little bloated that night – vomited once and was slightly lethargic. She also pooped twice and it was a bit soft. Therefore the next day I reduced it to 2 nuggets. No problem. So I upped again to 2.5 nuggets on the third day and stuck with it.

feeding calculator

I do THINK that it isn’t enough cos she looked extra hungry those few days. I had to give her more treats to make up for it.  😐

Here’s how it looks like in the pack. I had already fed half before I decided to blog this review lol.


It crumbles really easily! This is 2.5 nuggets before adding water.


And this is after adding her usual tea/bone broth and supplements. You supposedly need to add 1 tablespoon of water per nugget but her tea/bone broth were already frozen into cubes so I have no idea how much I added. I noticed she did drink more water though.


I took a closer look at the ingredient list and was glad to find stuff like pumpkin seeds, ACV, coconut oil, and kelp. Plus a whole lot more! So convenient!



  1. Mega convenient! Just crumble, add water, and feed! No more prepping and defrosting!
  2. Added nutrients. It comes with added ingredients such as collard greens, squash, celery, cilantro, ginger etc which would otherwise be troublesome to prepare and feed.


  1. Processed. I love freeze-dried but you gotta admit, it’s still processed. Those little nuggets do not look anything like turkey, turkey necks, sardines, greens, or blueberries. As a full-time housewife I choose to feed real food over convenience.
  2. Not exactly complete. As a very particular raw feeder, it’s missing the “other organ” part. There’s liver alright, but it needs to include stuff like kidney or spleen or brain. Heart isn’t fed as an organ.
  3. Price. The cheapest 5.5oz pack I found was $17.60. It lasts about 8 days, which makes that about $70+/- a month. I currently spend $60+/- on her raw meats, and that is high taking into consideration I order from expensive suppliers like Fidelis Meats. I have found a cheaper alternative and that amount is very likely to go down.

While I am not going to switch over permanently, I will definitely consider Primal should I go overseas and need to deposit the silly girl at my mother’s.  🙂

Ps. I kinda like how Primal subtly indicates if the meat is cooling, warming, hot or neutral. It’s used in traditional Chinese medicine and I incorporated it into my raw feeding a couple of years back. The silly girl is a “hot” dog – she tends to pant more and her ears go slightly red after eating warming/hot meats like venison and lamb. So I add more duck (which is a cooling meat) into her meals. The other cooling meat is rabbit, which is wayy too expensive for me.  😛


Bangkok Day 2

Originally planned SabX2 and Pratunam Market here but since we already went on the first day, we slept late and headed directly for lunch.

Terminal 21

Finally made it! Planned this our last trip but we slept through it lol. It’s conveniently located at Asok BTS and Sukhumvit MRT stations. There were so many restaurants it was so hard to decide where to eat. Settled on this small Thai cafe/restaurant in the middle aisle on 5th floor. (So you know which one to avoid lol.)

I got a simple minced pork omelette rice with fried shrimp wantons. The latter was nice, but then it’s hard to go wrong with fried food. Not sure what the aunt ordered but she didn’t quite enjoy it. Guess we should’ve picked a better place.  😐

20170223_122225 copy.jpg

Some photos of the place if you haven’t been here before. I think it’s just a normal shopping centre except that they have different themed deco for the different levels.

20170223_125045 copy 3.jpg

Tea at Desserie. The double choc cake was really rich and yummy, while the lemon lime got more and more sour as we ate lol.


Health Land

We finished walking the levels and since we were still early for the night market, we headed off nearby for a massage. Directions here. It’s about 10-15 minutes (walk) away. You can ask T21’s information counter for directions as the place is quite popular.

From outside, it looks like a small hospital or polyclinic lol. I guess it’s good, as in – it’s big and reputable and not some small dodgy massage parlor. We went without an appointment but the aunt said they have many many rooms and luckily we got a slot. There’s a hotel-like reception counter where you tell them what you want and pay for it. Wait a while and someone will call for you once they have prepared your room. You will be brought to this area where you change your shoes, and then brought to your room. Ours was on the 7th floor, so I’m guessing they DO have a lot of rooms.

20170223_162719 copy.jpg

We both did a traditional thai massage. At 550B ($22) for 2 hours, I thought it was quite worth it! They do have many other spa packages going up to 4,000B ($160) so if you’re feeling rich you can try them.  😛  Ps. Tipping is optional but we did give a bit.

Talad Rot Fai 2 (Ratchada)

Night market next! This is one of the 3 Talad Rot Fais in Bangkok and I was quite excited to visit. Chose this because it’s conveniently located next to The Esplanade, at Cultural Centre MRT station. Just follow the signs coming out of the underground station, then walk through The Esplanade (it’s a shopping complex). You’ll see the night market.

20170223_193446 copy 2.jpg

Your usual small stalls and eateries. A little disappointed as I was expecting something like Talad Rot Fai 1 (Srinakarin) , which we went our last trip. I might visit Talat Rod Fai 3 (Kaset-Nawamin) in future, but if you only have time for one, I strongly recommend the first one.

Dinner! Got some grilled meat skewers and salmon salad. And settled for this. It has a similar concept to Singapore’s Dancing Crab. They lay a piece of paper on the table, bring out a pot of seafood, and pour it out on the table for you. They give you disposable gloves too.


There were many similar stalls but TBH I thought it wasn’t really worth. Can’t remember exactly how much but it was at least 1,000B ($25). Portion isn’t big and it was mainly clams and squid. Sauce was quite alright; we mixed the spaghetti in too. It came with 2 bottles of drinks. The aunt isn’t a fan of street food or I would have liked to try those out instead.  🙂

Day 3 – another shopping day!

Bangkok Day 1

I flew again! Lol. It was a short trip to Bangkok with my aunt, which I suggested for fun and she took it for real.  😐  Nevertheless, she seemed quite excited about it so I thought I’d just go along with her and maybe have some fun. Well, have fun I did not lol. *shrugs*

Flew on Jetstar and stayed at Amari Watergate this time. No photos of the room but it was good, considering that it’s a 5-star hotel. However, I still prefer Novotel. I think it’s because of accessibility. Sure they’re all in the same area but Novotel is more convenient.

Pratunam Market

Since we were early for check-in, we headed out for food. Wanted to go for wanton mee but I turned in the wrong alley and ended up at Pratunam Market. It’s the place where I always get a headache from lol. Aunt wasn’t interested in the clothes so we just rushed through.


Finally found it! With no queue thank goodness. Brought the aunt here because she hasn’t tried it before. Ordered the usual dry wanton mee, pork trotter rice and an extra bowl of wanton soup. Ps. they don’t serve wanton mee soup anymore.  😦

20170222_103446 copy.jpg

Nice, but not THAT nice. At 100B ($4) each, it’s kinda expensive and not worth.

Platinum Fashion Mall

Needs no introduction. But it was boring + boring. I think we walked through all 3 zones in 2 hours max. Not sure how the aunt shopped here for 2 days on her last trip.

Chao Phraya River Cruise

Aunt booked a river cruise package for 2 on Groupon. At $50 per pax, I thought it was pretty expensive even though I did some brief research and it seemed most reviews were good. It was everything but good.

There was pickup from our hotel to the pier. Upon reaching, we were given our tickets and a sticker by our guide and told to board “over there”. Then he left. The boarding area was a huge mess. No queue lines. No notices. Just a bunch of people crowding around. To be fair, there was some sort of performance by the servers before they allowed people to board, so many people were trying to take photos or videos of them. I didn’t cos I was already pissed. I hate crowds.

We waited till our ship came – Princess V. And then everyone rushed in! Omg my face was already black by the time we were seated. We got the upper deck unfortunately. No air con. Lagi pissed. Our super sweet welcome drink which had been sitting there for goodness knows how long.


We had to wait till everyone was on board before we could eat. And once we were “allowed” to, everyone rushed to the food. There were supposed to be 2 moving queues but people starting cutting in so…… super duper pissed. And the food was nothing fantastic. Fries, hotdogs, spaghetti… dafuq?

From the website“Our musicians begin singing easy-listening jazz songs to complement with your meal.” My ass. God knows what that woman was singing but it was loud and sounded like Spanish or Latin dance songs. Definitely NOT easy-listening. There was a group of angmos who finished eating and starting singing and dancing with the singer. It got so loud and rowdy I had to cover my ears. Nearing the end they played Psy’s Gangnam Style. That, is easy-listening jazz? O_o

And if you were wondering if the scenery was worth it…

20170222_194939 copy.jpg

No it wasn’t. I sat there, black-faced, hands over my ears, and wishing the cruise would end soon. It was a terribly horrible 2+ hours which was NOT worth my $50. Why anyone would review this as pleasant I do not know, but personally I would really suggest you take your money elsewhere.

Talad Neon

It was quite late but since they were supposedly open till 12am, we decided to take the chance. Most websites tell you it’s next to Paladium Shopping Mall. Well it’s not. The entrance is right next to The Berkeley instead, where we stayed our last trip.

Sign at the entrance

Well it wasn’t that big to be honest. Most of them were selling the same stuff. We got through the entire thing in about an hour. A lot of stalls were also closed already. Maybe because it’s new?

20170222_222909 copy.jpg

Shopping day next!  ^^