Korea Day 3 – To Seoul

Because of the 3-day pass we bought, we had to leave Busan for Seoul. ‘Check-out’ was at 11am, so early in the morning, we rushed back to Bujeon Market for breakfast and to buy the almond nuts that the hub wanted but couldn’t decided whether to buy on Day 1. Lol.

Ate at another stall this time. I had kimbap (김밥) again while the hub had odeng (오뎅) and kalguksu (칼국수). It’s handmade knife noodles by the way. Total price came up to KRW7,300 (SGD9.13).

Train to Seoul

Note that you have to go to the counter again to purchase your ticket to Seoul. Just show them the 3-day card. (So don’t throw it away after the first day!) Dabao-ed a rainbow cake to eat on the train. Just because it looked so pretty. KRW3,500 (SGD4.38) worth of normal cake and cream. 😀

Our Seoul AirBnb was this. Slightly better than the one in Busan, I think. She can speak English and sent us pretty clear directions on how to get to her place. It was about 5-10 minutes away from Seoul Station. Very convenient! She also provided (on rental FOC) T-Money cards and a WIFI egg. Yay to connection! The room itself was…ok lor. Want cheap cannot complain LOL.

Chungmuro Pet Street

It’s really hard to find pet shops in Korea, so even though there were negative reviews about this place, we headed out to there. Directions: Chungmuro Station (Line 3 or 4, Exit 1 or 8). I read a blog saying it doesn’t matter which exit you come out from because there are pet shops on both sides of the street. However, I recommend Exit 8.

We came out from Exit 1 and I think there was only 1 vet clinic on that street. Crossing the road, there were a couple more pet shops (that sell pet treats and accessories) and a few more selling only pets. The treats were rather expensive and didn’t look very healthy, so I didn’t get any from there. There was also this “World Pet 21” building. Which, I believe, was empty except for the Paris Baguette in front. So disappointing! 😦

Since it was so freezing cold, we stopped for street food! Hotdog bun and kimbap (김밥) again! The very nice lady also gave us odeng (오뎅) broth, which was different and much much nicer than all those I’ve tried so far. ❤

Lotte Mart

Last stop for the day! My favorite place! I think I’m becoming more and more auntie lol. It’s similar to our Giant supermarket but look at their veggie section! Look so fresh and healthy and yummy!

And I also found out that their soju is cheaper than beer. And coke. I think it was barely SGD2 per bottle! From that day onward I started having half to one full bottle of soju every single night. It helped make me warm and fall asleep easier. I checked the price in Singapore and it was some 4-5 times higher! If there’s one thing I miss about Korea, it’s the cheap soju. The pomegranate one. 😦

Pomegranate – Peach – Grapefruit

Our shopping! We bought toothpaste because I bought this toothpaste dispenser from Qoo10 some time ago, which was made in Korea. So it could only fit Korean toothpastes. LOL! Plus lots of pepero to distribute. And the huge red dates! The ones at NTUC is so tiny and pathetic lol.

Dropped the stuff and went to the fried chicken place nearby. It was recommended by the AirBnb owner. We got the garlic chicken and a 3,000cc beer to share. There were some fried rice cakes (떡볶이) too. I thought the sauce was pretty nice. Even though it wasn’t the kind of fried chicken I was always craving for.

Headed back to rest cos we had an early day for Day 4!

Perrobox Singapore…again?

I got the silly girl her first Perrobox last year. To be honest, the items did not impress us very much. However this year, because of the Black Friday 60% sale, I got her her second box. Let’s see if there are any improvements! 🙂

1/ Nature’s 1 Puffed Venison

Website | $11.90

We received a pack of this before but they were too hard for the silly girl. We gave them to my mum’s office dogs instead. Not saying this is not good though. It’s made from 100% venison lungs and air dried; very healthy! 🙂

2/ Merrick Kitchen Bites – Grammy’s Pot Pie

Website | $19.90

Sounds mega yummy! Ingredients look okayyy, apart from the potatoes, peas and brown sugar. Not something I would purchase myself but I guess I might let her try this once her current batch of treats are finished.

3/ Petstages Mini Barbell chew

Website | $9.90

Size is perfect for her! Opened this right away and she was happily chewing it. For the next 5 minutes lol. But that’s normal for her lah. No complains about this. I’m okay with Petstages. 😀

4/ Whimzees Alligator chew

Website | $3.00

The latest chew in the market? I got a pack of 4 in Seoul and gave them all away (as gifts). I’m actually kinda concerned about giving edible chews like this because I’m worried about when it becomes too small. The silly girl is a gulper and I’m quite scared she might choke. Perhaps I will just stick to deer antler chews for now. Again, not saying this is not good. These are really popular right now! 😉

5/ Absolute Plus dental toothpaste (mint)

Website | $16.90

My favorite item in the box! As you know, we’re desperate for any kind of dental help and when I saw this come out recently, I wanted to try it! But since I already opened a new tube of her toothpaste, I waited. So glad to receive this! 😀

We asked our vet to recommend a better toothpaste as she was still having plaque despite being on a raw diet AND having her teeth brushed every day. The vet said enzymatic toothpastes are the best and since I was already using one, I just had to continue. The one I’m using right now (starts with V lol) doesn’t seem to work, so I’m really excited to try this one out!

Overall I’m really quite pleased with this box. Look how much I saved! Even though some of it will go to my mum’s office dogs. Still, I’ll feel glad knowing they’ll also have healthy treats to eat!

Total product value: $61.60
Usual price: $29.90
Black Friday sale: $11.97
I saved: $49.63!! 😯

Get yours here!

Korea Day 2

Busy busy day for Day 2! 😀

Jagalchi Market

Brunch first! Jagalchi Market is supposedly Korea’s largest seafood market, although to be honest I didn’t quite feel it was impressive. *shrugs* Fairly easy to get here via metro: Jagalchi Station (Line 1), Exit 10, then follow the signs. 🙂

Perhaps we were too early; it wasn’t as crowded as I had expected. Or perhaps because it was drizzling. Not much photos again in case kena scolded lol. (Actually throughout this trip I didn’t take much photos cos it was freezing. My hands were either in gloves or in my jacket pocket. Under-dressed.)

Many blogs say it’s cheaper to purchase the seafood from the market and then bring it up to the second level for the restaurants to prepare it for you. We didn’t do that though. The second level was mainly restaurants and some dry food stalls. It was totally empty haha. We got some dried cuttlefish and seaweed (sorry housewife behavior) and the stallkeeper recommended us to dine at the restaurant next door.

Not sure if that’s the usual pricing but to us it was horrendously expensive. We got a plate of sashimi for KRW30,000 (SGD37.50)! Barely 20 pieces and we don’t even know what fish was that. It was very very chewy and I didn’t really enjoy it much. Sad. The spicy seafood stew/soup was also KRW30,000 (SGD37.50), although that seemed more worth it. Got prawns, mussels, clams, octopus and…stuff. It doesn’t look spicy but there’s this nice peppery taste. I likey!

They gave us quite a lot of side dishes though, including the green onion pancake (파전). I liked that more than the sashimi LOL. Maybe because we were their first and only customers, they seemed to pay us more attention. The lady boss even came to feed us (really!) while the boss gave us canned tea. But ah, for this kind of price we’re paying, 我们受得起! 😛

P/s. If you’re also heading to Seoul’s Noryangjin Market, I would suggest you getting your seafood fix there instead. Wait for my Day 6 post!

Gamcheon Culture Village

Time for some exercise! Be prepared to walk and climb. A lot! 😛

According to my research for the trip, you get out at Toseong Station (Line 1 Exit 6) and then take a bus (1-1, 2 or 2-2) all the way up. But when we came up from Exit 6, we saw a sign that Gamcheon Culture Village was only about 1km away. So we walked. Please, DO NOT do that. See?

It was UPHILL. I don’t know how long we walked but it was really a struggle to get there. Blame it on my ‘unhealthy-nest’. Even though the weather was cool, I still removed my jacket. Please, just take a bus or cab lol.

Finally, the entrance!

I think it’s like Greece’s Santorini or Taiwan’s Jiufen. People still live in most of the houses, but there are food and souvenir shops here and there.

Fish cake (어묵) seems to be pretty popular in Korea. This shop is selling only that.

Artsy fartsy lol.

Some views from up there.

The shortcut down was this flight of stairs. It even has a name to it! You can see (in the middle) it runs from the top to bottom.

This cat – MEGA CUTE! It was sitting near those cat statues you see in the photo. Then when it saw us, it started making its way up, scaling up 2 walls in the process. It looked friendly enough but it was a pity I didn’t dare to touch it. 😦

And we took a bus down lol.

BIFF Square

We took the metro back to Jagalchi Station (Line 1 Exit 7) for BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) Square! Many food stalls! And many people…

Our first street food – egg bread (계란빵)! Only KRW1,000 (SGD1.25). Ok not exactly cheap for street food but compared to the sashimi earlier on, we were actually glad to see this price lol.

Also tried the Hotteok (호떡), which are pancakes with brown sugar. This one had a super long queue. And some grilled chicken because we couldn’t resist the smell. KRW3,000 (SGD3.75) per stick.  😛

Changseondong Meokja Golmok

I think this is the famous eat alley, where they sell local fares and you sit down and eat like the locals. Wanted to eat there but the hub didn’t seem keen. 😦

Gukje Market

Read that it’s one of Korea’s largest markets, but I was kinda disappointed. Or maybe it’s just me. I wasn’t interested at all in the kind of non-food stuff they were selling. I guess if you like shopping for aunty-style winterwear, or pots and pans, or cushions and mattresses, I guess you can have fun here. 😐

Bupyeong Market

This was also selling clothes and accessories but they had a food section here. I had heard about this place from the Baek Jong Won Top 3 Chef King show but I forgot what food he was eating lol. I think we dabao-ed a small fried chicken here for dinner.

All these were within walking distance from one another and from Jagalchi Station. On our way back, we stopped for street food again! We had Kimbap (김밥), Odeng (오뎅) and panfried dumplings (군만두)! To be honest, I don’t really like Odeng and its soup, but I have a thing for fried dumplings. These were really nice!

Day 3 next. We’re going to Seoul! 😀